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Marketing Specialist - Loyalty program CZ 

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Marketing Specialist - Loyalty program CZ 

Marketing Specialist - Loyalty program CZ 
Purpose of the position
The position is responsible for  developing, coordinating and securing the execution of customer incentive and loyalty promotions in Czech republic, in line with the international and local marketing and loyalty strategy, approved marketing plans and local market needs and to plan the execution of activities according to existing guidelines. This relates to fuel, car wash, NOB and fuel card related marketing activities including online management and campaigns. The position is also responsible for monitoring market development,  identifying the potential cooperation and cooperation programs, evaluating  and aligning it when recognised as the appropriate ones.
Key Responsibilities
  • Manages international/local customer incentive promotions on the OMV filling stations.
  • Development of communication plan and ensuring realization (regular: monthly newsletter to all participants, irregular: targeted CRM activities and direct mailing, other monitored and documented activities)
  • Manages OMV online presentation including social media, online promotional activities, digital media campaigns and web content.
  • Business administration, such as dealing with SAP, invoices, cost estimates and spendings within given budget.
  • Alignment with HQ and Country Marketing Manager
  • Budget planning and controlling
  • Performance monitoring for all Loyalty/Promotional activities (e.g. direct mailings, promotions etc.)
  • Secure that for all non-loyalty retail marketing activities there is a loyalty involvement considered  with special benefits for loyalty customers
  • Development of a Loyalty toolbox for local promotions/activities
  • Liaison with other functional/departmental managers in the local organization in order to understand current needs of the Retail business and ensure proper information on Loyalty activities and results
  • Works effectively as part of a Marketing team and communicates and aligns Marketing activities across wider OMV structure.
  • Setup concept and activities of FS-E and FS-P motivation
  • Data analysis / Data Mining /Segmentation
  • Secure smooth loyalty business operations in the country (cooperation with Service Providers) 
  • Outlines and reviews various Marketing materials and make recommended edits.
  • Ensures that all locally-developed creative materials undergo brand review and adhere to strict OMV brand guidelines.
  • Assists with the development, writing, and communication of Marketing plans, creative briefs and presentations.
  • Selection and coordination of local loyalty marketing providers (agencies, copywriters, BTL, data mining, direct marketing etc.)
  • Identify potential cooperation partners and initiate cooperation with other companies in order to increase cross usage among leading brands
  • Implementation and execution of internal PR activities according to yearly plan.

  • Experience in services, customer retention, loyalty and CRM
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent in problem analyses and problem solving
  • Sence for IT system operations
  • Creativity
  • Good organizational skills
  • Social competencies (presentation techniques, flexibility, spontaneity, empathy)
  • Fluent in English & Czech

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