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It is said that the ideal travel time to work is about half an hour. Some people are lucky enough to have work literally around the corner, others travel for over an hour. And then there are exceptions where some of you travel 2-3 hours one way. For some, a necessity, for others something unimaginable.

In which cities do we offer work and accommodation at the same time?

Many job seekers (whether Czech or foreign) ask us if we also offer work with accommodation. Yes! Some agencies, including ours, offer this option. However, there are not many of these offers and we cannot say for sure that we will always have a vacancy, but you can try. Right now. Send us a job enquiry, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch.

Current accommodation in Rokycany (near Pilsen), Jihlava and Mohelnice (near Olomouc)

Who can you contact?

Mrs. Zuzana Bošková
Phone: XXX

Mrs. Romana Mutlová
Phone: +420 724 611 621

Mrs. Renata Crhová
Phone: +420 727 859 043

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